Customer Testimonials
"5-star for me to this product is not enough! I downloaded this software, scanned my computer, deleted the errors, rebooted, and I am in complete awe as to how much faster my PC is after cleaning my registry. I think this is a wonderful product and I would highly recommend it. Thank you!"
By Michael Oxford, US
"Windows Doctor is definitely a MUST PURCHASE item! It scans the most areas for questionable registry issues very fast and accurately. Use to use Registry Mechanic, but it seemed to not find as much stuff especially after a program uninstall. After trying Windows Doctor, I've not looked back."
By Sam Buford, US
"I installed this program, and 10 minutes later my computer was running like the day I bought it. It was very easy to understand and the scans were easy to customize so that I didn't have to sit through it over and over and over. Windows registry is a very complicated thing and if you don't know the inner workings, don't mess with them. This program is the "how to" you need without the schooling you should have."
By Matthew Williams, US
"I'm amazed by Windows Doctor. Man, u gotta try it out this real cool stuff. it has many setting and functions. The registry cleaner itself is cool enough to make your investment worth. Other functions like history cleaner, system optimizer, registry defragger, etc are all working great to help me optimize my desktop. I feel very lucky to find such a wonderful program. Highly recommend Windows Doctor!"
By Bob Baldwin, US
"Windows Doctor found more then 1300 errors in my registry and fixed them right away. My computer is much faster now. It really helps removing unnecessary registry in my system. Try it!! you will not be disappointed."
By Richard Addison, Australia
" Excellent program. I've tried several optimizers and Windows Doctor is my favorite! It did improve my PC performance and never caused any trouble to me (my PC crashed before using some other registry cleaners). I'm so glad that i finally found one that can be trusted!"
By Celina Green, New York
"Windows Doctor is really a wonderful piece of software. It never let me down. Compared to other system optimizers I tried, it is much more safe and does its cleaning jobs decently. I highly recommend this program."
By Winnie Widget, England
"Windows Doctor works great! This program has a lot of features that can help keep my computer running smoothly. Everything on my pc started working perfectly only after I used this software. It's safe!"
By Nelson White, US
"Windows Doctor is very easy to use and fast! Brilliant piece of software, very friendly, and extremely quick to run a compete scan of my computer (53700 files) in minutes rather than an hour like others i have tried"
By conigie
"This program manipulated my internet browser and other relevant settings such that my PC now SCREAMS through the internet. Additionally, it thoroughly scanned and, more importantly, SAFELY corrected hundreds of registry errors on my PC that other registry scan/repair programs missed."
By barrie19
"I TRUST Windows Doctor! Thank you for your excellent service. You are the first company I have ever had who responded so fast with a correct solution in my 30 years of dealing with software companies. Congratulations. Five stars to Windows Doctor!"
By gash253
"Windows Doctor is the Best of the bests!!! Very friendly UI, and works just as it's supposed to. I deleted more than 600 registry items, and my machine is running smoother than it has in quite a while. I've used this utility dozens of times with no problems. Highly recommended"
By Lawrence Wan, Germany
"Have been using Windows Doctor for quite a while and never had any problems with them. Having had great use of their free optimizer for along time now I finally thought it was time to support the cause and pay for this one."
By chrisined